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Who’s Behind Dromanji?

Hello I’m Kenny, Creative Director of Dromanji. I’m originally from one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands called Guadeloupe but currently residing in London.

Growing up surrounded by stunning landscape of the Caribbean, sparked my initial passion for all things nature.This combined with documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery Channels encouraged me to explore the world and its unbelievable natural treasures it has to offer.

In 2018, I decided to purchase my first DJI Mavic Air drone to allow my partner and I to take our world experiences to the next level.

What do I use to catch those breathtaking shots?

I’ve been using the DJI Mavic Air for a year and a half. This ultimate little beast is ultraportable, foldable and only weighs a mere 430g (that’s around half a bag of sugar). The DJI Mavic Air allows me to capture 4K memories during my adventures.

To enhance the flying experience, I’ve entailed the use of Polarpro ND filters (currently using the shutter collection – cinema series that comes with ND4, ND8 and ND16). Personally, after having used these, I would never fly without them- they are a must have, especially during those magnificent golden hours.

Quick advice for all the drone owners make sure you are in line with the places regulations. Before traveling check if you’re allow to bring your drone with during any trip. We as drone pilots don’t won’t any unexpected issues though-out visiting.


Here I will share with you landscape that I’ve witnessed since I was 4 years old.
In this collection I will share the exotic flavours of the Caribbean aerially. The Caribbean is not only about rum and tasty rice and peas, it’s also famous for the beauty of the scenery.



Often considered like the Caribbean of Europe with their incredible beaches. The Mediterranean has so much to offer. Throughout this collection you’ll discover the stunning Mediterranean landscape from above. You’ll find more than just


United Kingdom

These aerial prints will take you from the magnificent Tower Bridge in the Capital to the Jurassic coast in the South of England. This collection is really important for me as I have been based in London for the last 4years. I’ve always wanted to share the beauty of where I live and the drone is allowing me to do that from an unique angle. The UK is way more than just rain and fish and chips.